Responsible Investing


Align Your Money with Your Life


Responsible Investing (RI) refers to integrating the consideration of how companies interact with people, make decisions and impact the planet into the selection and management of investments.

These considerations are referred to as environmental, social and governance factors (ESG).

According to Environics research, 84% of Canadian investors say that if an advisor were to demonstrate that responsible investments meet or outperform industry benchmarks over the long term they would consider investing that way. In fact according to the responsible investment association (RIA) investments in many responsible mutual fund categories have matched or outperformed average mutual fund performance over multiple timeframes.

Responsible investing can be thought of as a spectrum from traditional investing: strictly seeking financial returns, to pure impact investing, which seeks to influence environmental, social and governance improvements as the primary consideration rather then return.

Most responsible investing falls somewhere along the middle range of responsible investment, focusing on mitigating ESG risk, in order to protect value.  Then investors can influence companies as owners by voting their shares and engaging the management in pursuit of positively changing environmental, societal and governance behavior. This process of actively influencing change as owners is referred to as engagement.

Investors can choose to participate anywhere on the RI spectrum, at any level of risk or safety; investing broadly or focusing specifically on social, governance and or environmental issues, divesting entirely of fossil fuels, or not divesting at all, instead focusing on influencing change though engagement.      

The responsible investing landscape is complex and changing rapidly. As your advisors we can lead you to build a sustainable portfolio that will not only serve your financial objectives, but we can help you align your wealth with your life values.

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Environmental, Social and Governance factors in Global Macro investing

Read Franklin Templeton's paper as an example of how one company integrates ESG factors into a global investing strategy.

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NEI Engaging for Change Report

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ESG Pooled Engagement 

The Pooled Engagement Quarterly Report for Q3 2020 consists of two parts. The first part provides a
description of ISS ESG’s Pooled Engagement service, which is conducted on behalf of investors with
companies that have been assessed under ISS ESG’s Norm-Based Research to be facing alleged or
verified severe, systematic or systemic failures to respect international norms and guidelines on
responsible business conduct.

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Your Investments Can Make a World of Difference

We live in an age when corporations are expected to be more than profitable. We expect them to care
about issues like protecting the environment and respecting human rights.
It’s important to us that the companies you invest in are good corporate citizens. So, through Counsel
Portfolio Services, IPC Private Wealth, and IPC Portfolios, we maintain active engagement with the
companies we hold through our ESG policy (ESG stands for environmental, social and governance factors).

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Sonia LeRoy is the co-author of the soon to be published book, Financial Success for Women by Women, due out in the spring of 2020. Her chapter, entitled Responsible Investing: Align Your Money with Your Values, reviews the responsible investing landscape, Why to invest responsibly, and How to do so in a manner that supports one's own values while leveraging one's power as an investor to make the world a better place.