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Responsible Investing is about considering how companies interact with people, make decisions, and impact the planet, and integrating that information into the process of selecting and managing investments. For our clients, investing responsibly leads to achieving financial peace of mind.

Responsible investing can be thought of as a spectrum ranging from integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to better manage risk, to the investment process to pure impact investing, which seeks to influence direct positive change by targeting investments to particular companies and industries.

Engagement can be a powerful element of Responsible Investing. Investors can influence companies as owners by voting their shares to show displeasure and/or engage the management in direct discussions in pursuit of positively changing corporate environmental, societal and governance behavior.

Values based exclusion of certain companies or industries based on their environmental, social or governance exposure (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, controversial weapons, slave labour, pornography, fossil fuels, ex…) is a very different approach from engagement. Sometimes values-based exclusion and engagement can go hand in hand when an investment mandate excludes the worst ESG behaving companies, but not the industry and then engages those that remain in the portfolio.

Investors can choose to participate anywhere on the RI spectrum, at any level of risk or safety; investing broadly or focusing specifically on ESG issues; divesting entirely of fossil fuels, or instead focusing on influencing change from the inside as owners though engagement.

The responsible investing landscape is complex and changing rapidly. As your advisors we can lead you to build a sustainable portfolio that will not only serve your financial objectives, but we can help you align your wealth with your life values.

As an award-winning responsible investing specialist, our senior wealth advisor Sonia LeRoy has been invited to participate on a number of ESG panels. To learn more about Responsible Investing and how our investing choices have power to influence positive change beyond our own personal finances, we invite you to take a listen to Investing with Purpose: Sustainable and Responsible Investing. We also invite you to watch the Wealth Professionals 2021 Panel on The Rise of Responsible Investing: What's in Store for 2021 and Beyond, where Sonia also participates. 

To facilitate deeper understanding of the responsible investing landscape, and some of the different ways in which responsible investors can focus their influence and invest in alignment with personal values, we have curated a selection of explanatory material from some of the investment firms we may partner with. LeRoy Wealth Management Group and IPC Securities are in no way recommending any of the companies portrayed here, or any particular investment solution. These materials are for educational purposes only. Each investor’s needs and objectives are unique, and our recommendations are only ever offered after a thorough understanding can be obtained of your particular situation, objectives, risk profile and values. Past results are never a guarantee of future returns.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Integration; Engagement; Impact; and Values Based Exclusion

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           i. Sustainable Investing for Young Investors

           ii. Why Sustainable Investing does not mean Lower Returns

Environmental, Social, and Governance Integration; Engagement; Impact; and Values Based Exclusion

The Pooled Engagement Quarterly Report for Q3 2020 consists of two parts. The first part provides a description of ISS ESG’s Pooled Engagement service, which is conducted on behalf of investors with companies that have been assessed under ISS ESG’s Norm-Based Research to be facing alleged or verified severe, systematic or systemic failures to respect international norms and guidelines on responsible business conduct. Click here to read more. 

Your Investments Can Make a World of Difference.

We live in an age when corporations are expected to be more than profitable. We expect them to care about issues like protecting the environment and respecting human rights. It’s important to us that the companies you invest in are good corporate citizens. So, through Counsel Portfolio Services, IPC Private Wealth, and IPC Portfolios, we maintain active engagement with the companies we hold through our ESG policy (ESG stands for environmental, social and governance factors). Click here to read more.

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ESG Integration and Engagement

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           i. The ABCs of ESG

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           ii. Climate Change: Active Stewardship vs. Divestment

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c. Edgepoint Responsible Investing

Sonia LeRoy is the co-author of Financial Success for Women by Women, published in the spring of 2020. Her chapter, titled Responsible Investing: Align Your Money with Your Values, reviews the responsible investing landscape, Why to invest responsibly, and how to do so in a manner that supports one's own values while leveraging one's power as an investor to make the world a better place. To enquire how to purchase a copy of the book please contact us.

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