Turning The Page Podcast Episode 24: Sustainable Investing with Sonia LeRoy

Clients are looking to not only grow their portfolio but to be able to change the world with their investments. Responsible Investing is the key to making that happen. Chris had a great conversation with our very own Senior Wealth Advisor Sonia LeRoy about how investors can align their money with their values, and how their advisors can help them make it happen.


Investing with Purpose: Sustainable & Responsible Investing

To learn about Responsible Investing and how our investing choices have power to influence positive change beyond our own personal finances, we invite you to take a listen to Investing with Purpose: Sustainable & Responsible Investing. Sonia was honoured to participate in this educational panel for the Financial Literacy Virtual Mega Event on International Women's Day. We hope you enjoy it.


Sonia LeRoy on the Importance of Investing Responsibly

A short clip from the Wealth Professionals Awards Panel on the Rise of Responsible Investing.


Sonia LeRoy on Financial Literacy in the Era of COVID-19

A clip from a discussion with the Wealth Professionals Awards Panel on how COVID-19 had changed the need for access to Financial Literacy.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Investors and Financial Literacy

Hear from our Senior Wealth Advisor Sonia LeRoy as well as the other 2021 Wealth Professionals IFSE Institute Award for Financial Literacy Champion finalists on how advisors can successfully educate, advocate, and support their clients and the future generation.


The Rise of Responsible Investing: What's in Store for 2021 and Beyond?

Get an overview of the ever-evolving field of Responsible Investing from our Senior Wealth Advisor, award-winning Sonia LeRoy, along with 2021 finalists for the Wealth Professionals NEI Investments Award for Advisor of the Year - Responsible Investments.