Fit for Finance

Clear your bedroom, living room, or children's play spaces and let's get our fitness on!

Please join us Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 at 5 PM for a virtual in-home workout as Adrian LeRoy welcomes special guest, Andy Stewart and Hari Guhman, to provide fitness and nutritional insights, followed by a fun Cross Fit class for all ages and fitness levels - no equipment needed!

Save the date and click Zoom link to join:

We encourage participant's to turn on their video's during class for camaraderie and virtual high fives! Children and pet video bombs are also welcome!

Feel free to share with your family or friends!

(Andy is the Co-owner of CrossFit 1855 and former Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Carleton University Ravens with 12 National Championships under his tenure. Hari is a Nutritionist and Clinic Director of the Personalized Health Center and works with people who range from amazing moms and dads, professional athletes, and people who want to improve their health.)