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  • What is the Value of Advice?


    We'll be happy to discuss our value added offering with you & illustrate how it compares to the various other options in the market. Discover the Benefits of working with us!

  • Your Future is In Good Hands


    Our goal is simply to help you live your dream - and we’ll do it with experience, passion and a commitment to an unrivalled client experience.

  • Take your first Steps to Financial Freedom


    Creating a financial plan helps you set long and short-term life goals. Let our team help you to discover the true value of Financial advice.

  • Is Retirement closer than you Realized?


    If you plan to retire within the next 10 years, there are number of decision to be made today. We will create a practical approach to making your retirement dreams come alive.

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    Market MonitorListen to short interviews with Counsel Portfolio Services’ investment specialists and get their latest views on current market themes.
    Planning your Peace of MindBringing over 24 years of experience to providing you with sound, reliable financial advice to help you achieve financial independence and peace of mind.
    Sonia LeRoy

    Sonia LeRoy, CFP®, RFP
    Senior Financial Advisor, The LeRoy Group

    The LeRoy Group assists a select group of clients achieve financial peace of mind by customizing retirement income strategies and managing risk. We are committed to the highest standards of financial planning.

    Specializing in socially responsible investments and tax effective retirement income strategies, our expertise is ideally suited to efficiently helping families align their money with their life values while maintaining course to achieving life goals and fulfilling dreams.